Selling and Renting Cranes, Assembly, Service and Design

Welcome to EPCO

SC Echipamente pentru Constructii SRL (EPCO) is the exclusive dealer in Romania for JASO, Spanish tower cranes manufacturer .


new JASO Tower Cranes

delivered from the factory directly to your building site

second-hand JASO Tower Cranes

delivered from our rental fleet directly to your building site

Cranes Rental

EPCO rents JASO cranes - any model range - with or without an operator.

Who is JASO?

JASO EQUIPOS DE OBRAS SA was founded in 1975 in Idiazabzal (Spain) and is specialize in designing, developing, manufacturing and maintenance of tower cranes with horizontal jib or luffing cranes.

JASO is a worldwide manufacturer being present on all continents (70 countries) through their dealers, and has had a steady increase in turnover ranging between top companies in Spain. Production of cranes is done in three factories (2 in Idiazabal and 1 in Zaragoza), other products being made in another 2 factories located in northern Spain.


What EPCO does?

Selling And Renting Cranes

We are the exclusive dealer for JASO tower cranes in Romania and GOIAN (part of JASO company) for working platforms and storage lifts for materials and people, this ensuring an excellent time for delivery of new equipment. In addition we sell at competitive prices a significant number of used cranes from our rental fleet and working platforms or storage lifts from the manufacturer's stock.

EPCO rents JASO tower cranes - any model in the range - with or without an operator. We provide maintenance, service, ISCIR authorization, foundation designs and mounting respectively dismantling of tower cranes, both for our own cranes and for our customers. We can provide mobile cranes for the assembly respectively disassembly and transport of equipments.



Need help to mount or demount your own tower cranes? Whether this is a Liebherr, Grove, Terex Comedil, Saez Dalbe, Comansa, San Marco, FM Gru, our experienced installation teams will take care of this for you.

JASO tower cranes can be fitted with both anchors and chassis ballasted foundation, are versatile, allowing great working heights without anchorage to buildings (which will save you time and money) and are simple to operate, maintain and install.

Service and repairs

Our electricians and service technicians have a great experience and are ready to intervene 24 hours a day / 7 days per week, all over the country. The servicing work involves repairs, verifications, preventive maintenance, supply of spare parts and more.

All this is part of our promise to provide new or use tower cranes, for sale or rental, as well as service at reasonably prices.


Our design department has an innovative approach and provides pro-active solutions for mounting and foundation projects of tower cranes. They can customize configurations according to the specifications of the construction site, in accordance with Romanian standards and the manufacturer's recommendations. As the first company that has provided complete services for tower cranes, we are confident that our designers will exceed your expectations.