Assembly, service and design



Need help to mount or demount your own tower cranes? Whether this is a Liebherr, Grove, Terex Comedil, Saez Dalbe, Comansa, San Marco, FM Gru, our experienced mounting teams will take care of this for you. Trust in our teams for any construction site in the country and you can be sure they will work according to European safety standards. We can guarantee that EPCO mounting teams perform their construction site duties efficiently and safely.

Need necessary mobile cranes or equipments transport? We can help. All these are part of our philosophy of providing turnkey services and expertise for the installation of tower cranes.

Service and repairs

Our electricians and service technicians have a great experience and are ready to intervene 24 hours a day / 7 days per week, all over the country.

The servicing work involves repairs, verifications, preventive maintenance, supply of spare parts and more.

All this is part of our promise to provide new or user tower cranes, for sale or rental, as well as service at reasonable prices.

On site safety services for tower cranes

We provide service and repairs for JASO tower cranes as well as for Liebherr, Potain, Terex Comedil, Saez, Dalbe, Comansa, San Marco, FM Gru. Our services include:

Preventive maintenance

Preventive repair scheduling, maintenance and regular checks for tower cranes, can minimize or even avoid periods of malfunction for your cranes. Plus, we can create a customized program that fits your needs and your working schedule.

Inspection services

Request us to check your tower cranes, using electronic measuring scales, geometrical measurements and verification of their technical condition. We can also check the safety systems of your cranes.

Repairs and breakdown

Need emergency or scheduled repairs, or an upgrade? Our technicians are available immediately. Or we can work in line with the schedule and terms imposed by the beneficiary in carrying out the works within the scheduled repairs.

Spare parts

Looking for a replacement part for a JASO tower crane? Call us. As JASO exclusive dealer in Romania, we have stock of parts that we can be imediately deliver to you. And even if a replacement part is not in stock, we can arrange to have it maximum 24h - 48h.

Tower cranes reconditioning

Your crane needs an overhaul? Bring it to us. We have sandblasting and painting booths where you can recondition the steel structure of the crane, a design department and welders authorized by ISCIR for interventions on the steel structure of the crane, electricians with experience to reconditon electrical cupboards and fix the limiters and other safety systems of the crane.


Loading cable inspection

Crane safety is given largely by the quality and reliability of the hoisting and trolley wires. We can even organize the checking and testing of these cables and other crane testing services to ensure that the construction site remains safe.

Do you require other services for cranes? Get in touch with us and you will receive a quote in the shortest time possible.


Our design department has an innovative approach and provides pro-active solutions for the location and foundation of tower cranes. They can customize the cranes configurations according to your specifications and the requirements of the construction site, while respecting the Romanian standards and the manufacturer's recommendations.

As the first company that has provided comprehensive services for tower cranes, we are confident that our engeneers will exceed your expectations.


Leaders in engineering and design services for tower cranes

Our team, consists of engineers specializing in the manufacture and modification of metallic structures, will perform whatever subassembly your crane requires.


Our engineering services for tower cranes include:
Crane fundation design

We can customize the anchor bases of the crane and their foundations for almost any restrictive situation of the construction site. Choose between foundation anchors made of a single piece, independently standing pieces with variable heights, screws or chassis ballasted with various sizes. We can work with your design engineers to incorporate these crane base structures supported on piles drilled in the shafts, placing them on buildings or under their foundations.

Crane lifting and anchoring for buildings

In case you need a higher crane and requires anchorage to a building, our team of engineers will find anchor points and the ideal method of fastening the crane, as well as the sequences of lifting the crane for the minimum periods of immobilization of the crane.

Do you require a unique configuration for a particular project? We have a vast experience in the design engineering department to find special solutions for our clients.
Anywhere in Romania, we can find a solution that fits your requests.