Project Greenfield

JASO cranes models J36MAC, J4010 and J4510 fitted with anchors or ballasted chassy foundation, in Greenfield.


JASO J5010 Tower Crane

JASO J5010 Tower Crane - Block of flats construction on Aleea Privighetorilor street, Pipera, Voluntari city.

Ballasted chassy mounting with concrete blocks provide the foundation.

JASO JA30 Auto-assembly crane

JASO JA30 Auto-assembly crane mounted at Soseaua Straulesti Street, Bucharest to build a residential building GF + 3.

This self-erecting crane can be used for constructing buildings with GF + 4 or even 5 storeys.

The advantages of this type of crane are the quick installation, reduced ground space requirements and reduced complexity of the foundation.

JASO Tower Crane, beneficiary: Lidl

JASO cranes of 12to respectively 8to involved in the construction of an office building at Lidl in Baneasa, Bucharest.

Mounted cranes in this project were configured with large untied heights, representing a challenge for the design of the foundation, considering the maximum work capacity.